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Quewave was established, as a system integrator and a Solution provider, in the domain of Thecnology and Energy, Quewave has been successfully present in the market since 2007, supplying and designing highly technological Telecom systems and power solutions. With its network currently present in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Quewave offers the most suitable solutions with a high standard of quality and technology in many areas.

Quewave team is capitalizing on the sucess in the Telecom domain in adition to benefing from the vast and broad experience of our management team in different technological domains.


Quewave has a mission of supplying Products and Solutions that meets the requirements of modern Telecom operators, our solutions are focused on achieving high operational quality and OpEx savings, in the different areas of the Telecom Network, especially the Power sector.

Why Choose Us

Through our long experience in the Telecom field, we are prepared and efficient to provide Solutions to most of the Telecom Operator needs, form both the Technical and Commercial point of view, we provide Highly technological equipments, proffesional services and fast response to resolve any raising issues.

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